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We offer you our competent, high-quality experts with many years of experience in the following services:

Direct supplies of construction and carpentry work for self-contained houses and weekend cottages are an extensive part of our activities. Besides the above-mentioned houses, we can produce interior furnishings as kitchen units, living room and bedroom furniture, bathroom sets, ceiling, and floor tiling as well as staircases.

We offer you the services of our working party for realization welding and locksmith works. We practice fitting works in hard conditions in observance of maximum safety regulations. We specialize in structural welds and in welding of stainless steel materials and perform works also in highness and in hard working conditions.
Every team member is the holder of euro standards (TIG 141, EN 135, etc.), that are used and valid in all EU and EEC (European Economic Community). We are able to realize structural works of any type and weld all metallic and special materials.

Our workers carry out the construction of new buildings and at the same time specialize in a reconstruction of erected buildings and industrial halls. We provide our clients with complex services as far as building construction is concerned.
Through the structure of our workers we carry out following construction works:
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Tiling
  • Flooring assembly
  • External insulation
  • Roofing systems
  • Plasterboard constructions

The mission of the company is to cover the optimal technological requirements of air-conditioning installations which are set to the buildings to improve their utility and standard. Services of our company represent quality, knowledge, and complexity
The performance of installation is made by self-created assembly groups of workers with long-period experiences. All the matters mentioned above enable the company to finish the installation in the terms required and also in case of urgent improvisation in consequence of construction modification.
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